You May Be Able To Stay In Your Home

Have you received a notice of foreclosure? If so, you may be able to prevent it, but you must act quickly. In Florida, homeowners have the right to bring a defense to any foreclosure action.

At Nix & Kirkland, P.A., our legal team provides aggressive defense for families in jeopardy of losing their homes to foreclosure. With more than 40 years of combined experience, we offer homeowners help to stop foreclosure and save their homes.

Homeowners May Not Be At Fault

Lenders take action when they do not receive monthly mortgage payments from borrowers by the due dates. Borrowers are contractually obligated to repay the money they received on loan. If a borrower continually fails to make timely payments, the lender has the right to bring foreclosure action against the homeowner, according to the terms of the contract.

It may seem the lender has a straightforward case against a borrower who fails to make mortgage payments and defaults on a loan. However, the economic meltdown caused, in part, by predatory lending practices in real estate brought new information to the forefront. Homeowners may not always bear the fault of a defaulted loan. Rather, there may be other factors that caused the borrower to fail.

Prompt Action Is Essential

If you believe your home may be lost to foreclosure or you have received notice of foreclosure, contact us immediately. We will fiercely protect your rights to stay in your home. Call 850-981-9959 or use our online contact form to schedule a meeting.


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