Injured On The Job? Get The Benefits You Deserve

At Nix & Kirkland, P.A., in Milton, we help private employees with the complex process of applying for workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability benefits (SSD). These state and federally mandated programs provide a form of financial insurance for workers who have work-related injuries that prevent them from working, either temporarily or permanently.

Workers’ Compensation: Claims, Denials, Appeals and Extension Of Benefits

Our workers’ compensation clients come to us for a variety of reasons:

  • They have been denied access to a doctor
  • Their doctor says they are fit to return to work
  • Their workers’ compensation check stops coming
  • Their original petition for workers’ compensation benefits was denied and they want to appeal the decision
  • They want to be represented by an attorney at the final hearing to determine benefits

In many of these situations, our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys can provide immediate assistance to get access to medical care or the benefits you need while you are off the job because of a work-related injury. Often, we can help our clients find a suitable doctor and then — with that doctor’s report — negotiate with the workers’ compensation insurance company to continue your benefits.

Did You Know?

We also handle workers’ compensation claims under the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act.

We Welcome Your Inquiries

With questions about workers’ compensation or SSD applications or the appeals process, please contact Nix & Kirkland, P.A., today for a free consultation.


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